Wednesday, 5 February 2014

The Start Of A Big Adventure.

These blog pages are transcriptions of the activities during the Second World War of my Granddad, my father’s father, Albert R Pettman RN. 
Albert Richard Pettman
Albert on the left with two of his crew mates, off duty but still in his work clothes, if you look carfully you can see his hands are still dirty.
Albert in the Engine Room
There are two faded lined notebooks written by Albert Pettman as diaries. They where written in pencil and ink, whilst he was serving in the Royal Navy between 1939 and 1945. It is my intention to copy them on to this blog as and when I have the time, probably one page at a time. 
On place names and ship names there maybe a link to them on another website, usually Wikipedia the online encyclopaedia, and you may click on it to read more about that particular item.

Or you can buy a hardback vesrion of Alberts Diaries, each one made to order;
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The first diary was written whilst serving on HMS Manxman which was an Abdiel class minelayer in 1941.  
HMS Manxman

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